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Chinese Dance SYF Arts Presentation 2014 (Distinction Award)

On 8th April 2014, our Chinese dancers presented the dance named《草原女儿》(Daughters of the Grasslands) at Kallang Theatre for SYF Arts Presentation.

This dance depicted a group of joyful Mongolian maidens galloping and merry-making on the boundless greenery of the Mongolian grasslands, an alluring sight that made up the enchanting landscape of Mongolia. With this captivating and lively dance, our Chinese Dancers successfully ushered in the first Distinction for SYF Arts Presentation 2014 for North View Primary!

Our heartfelt congratulations to our Chinese dancers who worked extremely hard for the past year in perfecting this dance, and many thanks to our dance instructor, Miss Yang Jing Feng for choreographing this dance. Not forgetting our teachers-in-charge, Miss Ng Mui Hiok and Ms. Leow Liting, for their dedication and hardwork.