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New and Enhanced Measures to Support Singaporean Students


At MOE’s Committee of Supply (COS) Debate 2012 held last month, various schemes focused on how we will nurture an inclusive and stronger Singapore through a student-centric values-driven education.


Specifically, various enhancements and new initiatives have been put in place to support our Singaporean students. Some of these measures include:




  1. Restructuring Edusave Awards to strengthen focus on holistic education (e.g.  introducing a new Edusave Character Award, increasing the income limit for the Edusave Merit Bursary)
  2. Reframing the Community Involvement Programme as “Values in Action” to lend greater focus on students acquiring values
  3. Strengthening integrated approach to support students from low-income families (e.g. Increasing household income ceiling, helping students level up academically through learning support programmes, enhancing Learning Support : Increasing the quality, accessibility and affordability of school-based student-care centres)



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