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First day of school

The first day at school has been a real treat for both Primary One students and their parents. In North View Primary School, we recognise that the first day of school can be both exciting for some pupils and nerve-wrecking for others. As such, the school provide opportunities for these students to know their friends and teachers through different activities. P1 parents had the opportunity to witness how their children fare on the first day.  The day ended with North View’s signature “Induction Ceremony” where our Primary 6 buddies presented our Primary 1 newcomers with a badge to officially induct them into the North View family, witnessed by the parents.

p6 buddies with P1.JPGAesthetic Fun.JPG

P6 Buddies with the P1                                                         Aesthetic Fun
P1 parents briefing.JPGMeet the FT.JPG

P1 Parents' Briefing                                                         Meeting the Form Teacher for the first time. 

P1 Orientation 

Recognising that settling in of our P1 pupils is crucial, time has been given to subject teachers to know their students through games and class discussions. As it is important for our young ones to know their school environment and be familiar with movement routes and places of interest, a school trail was conducted by their Form Teachers.

learning sch song and creed.JPGlearning class routine.JPG

Learning the School Creed and Song                                              Learning Class Routines 

Buddy Appreciation Day

The Primary One students thanked their buddies by making Thank You cards.

buddy appreciation 1.JPGBuddy appreciation 2.JPG

buddy appreciation 3.JPG