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Primary 4 & 5 CCE School-based Traditional Art Forms---Cross Cultural Programme


This year, the School has embarked on a CCE School-based Traditional Art Forms---Cross Cultural Programme for Primary 4 and 5 pupils with the aim of  enabling every pupil to:

§  demonstrate values such as RESILIENCE, RESPECT and HARMONY;

§  learn and apply basic skills of the traditional art forms;

§  deepen pupil’s understanding of the differences in cultural background of other races in Singapore; and

§  have a greater understanding of the significance of Racial Harmony Day.

The Cross Cultural Programme (5 sessions) was conducted during pupils’ Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) lessons. 


 Pupils were able to experience activities that differ from their own racial background. 


Primary 4 Pupils taking Chinese Language CCE had the opportunity to experience Batik Painting while pupils taking Malay Language CCE had the chance to experience Kolam. Lastly, pupils taking Tamil & English Language CCE did Chinese Brush Painting art form for their Cross Cultural Programme. 


“I learnt about History of Batik through this programme. When my classmates made mistakes in painting, I would motivate them through praising them.”

Joeann Chua, 4 Faith

“I faced challenges when trying to cut the shape of a butterfly during Paper Cutting activity. I overcome this challenge through the use of breathing techniques (breathe in and out slowly) and kept on trying.” 

 Fazil,5 Faith

“Phoebe has helped me to overcome the challenges I faced as she taught me the ways to cut and fold the ribbon patiently.” 

Celleste Eng,5 Joy

“My teacher’s encouragement kept me motivated to do better in making the Wau. “

Dhaarunya ,5 Hope   

Pupils’ works were then displayed at the CCE Learning Space Noticeboards to recognise their efforts in completing the work.