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Character & Citizenship Education

CCE Outcomes @ NVPS

1. Morally Upright Individuals                

  • Pupils exemplify the the school’s core values; Integrity, Empathy, Sincerity and Resilience, as well as the R3ICH values; Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care and Harmony.

2. Individuals with a Sense of Self-Worth             

  • Pupils have a sense of self-worth and know their strengths and areas for growth.
Key Programmes / Events    

Excellence In Character Programme (Values Talks)    

Values Education is the cornerstone of the total curriculum we offer at North View Primary. The development of excellence in character in our pupils is one of the two key outcomes of the school. To augment our Character Education efforts, the CCE Department initiated a school-based Excellence In Character Programme. The programme entails a series of 10-min values talk conducted weekly to reinforce in our pupils our school values and MOE’s R3ICH values through authentic examples and application opportunities.

Traditional Arts Programme 

 Besides explicit teaching and reflective learning, we create opportunities for our pupils to experience and live the values. A key highlight of NVPS’ experiental learning platforms would be our unique school-based character programme “Traditional Arts Programme”. Pupils internalize and deepen their understanding of values while engaging in the artforms of Chinese Brush Painting and Chinese Calligraphy.


Chinese Brush Painting


Chinese Calligraphy

Department Members 
Mdm Serene Chua (SH/CCE) 
Ms Chin Kean (ECG Coordinator) 
Ms Karen Lim Wei Tze 
Ms Ng Mui Hiok 
Mdm See Bee Pang 
Mdm Lei Xuemei 
Mdm Jiang Hong 
Ms Rizwanah Begum 
Ms Grace Chan 
Mrs Sindhu Thiagesh