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Girls’ Brigade (83rd Company)

Girls’ Brigade is a uniformed group organisation. We believe in nurturing every girl to be a leader and instilling the passion for Girls’ Brigade in every girl. We also aim to inculcate school values, team and discipline in every girl through Girls’ Brigade. The theme for this year is Thankfulness.  

  • Nurture every girl to be a leader.
  • Instil the passion for Girls’ Brigade in every girl.
  • Inculcate school values, teamwork and discipline. 
  • Every girl will learn to be thankful which will lead to being polite and respectful inherently.


The 83rd Singapore Company Girls’ Brigade has experienced another meaningful and eventful year. 

  • In March, our girls participated in the Low Guat Tin (LGT) National Challenge, where girls from the Primary and Secondary sections worked together to complete a range of challenges. Through teamwork, one of our teams has achieved Bronze Award and the result for our second team is not out yet.

LGT Team-bonding session.png

Primary and Secondary School LGT Team-bonding session

sewing patchwork.png

LGT girls sewing patchwork

83rd Company Heritage Board.png

83rd Company Heritage Board completed by the girls

Also in March, 5 of our girls have attended the Junior Leadership Training Camp (JLTC) where they learned what it means to be servant leaders. The girls applied these leadership skills through planning activities for their GB mates. 

JLT Camp.png

Ms Karen and JLTC girls at 3 days 2 nights JLT Camp

Ms Xiao and JLTC girls.png

Ms Xiao and JLTC girls at 3 days 2 nights JLT Camp

JLTC Promotion Ceremony.png

JLTC girls rehearsing for JLTC Promotion Ceremony

JLTC badges.png

JLTC girls received their JLTC badges on Promotion Ceremony

 Ms Karen Lim – OIC 
 Ms Xiao Qiying – 2IC