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Mother Tongue Languages

About the Department


a)       nurture active learners and proficient users of the Mother Tongue Languages (MTLs)

b)      help students love the MTLs and use it for life by creating a conducive environment for the use of the MTLs

Key Programmes
To improve pupils Oral Communication and Listening skills through:

·         Conversation using Role play (P1 & P2)

·         Speech and Drama (P1 & P2)

·         Show and Tell (P2)

·         Storytelling Workshop (P3 & P4)

·         Thematic Oral Practice (P3 to P6 - ICT Based)

To improve pupils' Reading and Writing Skills through:

·         Daily Structured Reading Program (P1 to P6)

·         Graded Composition (P3 to P6)

·         READ @ eZhishi (P1 to P6, CL)

·         Use of flashcard and games to reinforce word recognition (P1 to P3, CL)

·         Read Educational Magazine (P1 to P6, CL)

Internal Competitions
Chinese Department:
  • Story Telling Competition (P3)
  • General Knowledge Quiz (P4)
  • Essay Writing Competition (P5 to P6) 

Malay and Tamil Department:
  • Poetry Recitation (P1-P6)
  • Language Quiz 
  • Story Telling (P1-P3)
  • Essay Writing (P4-P6)    

Use of ICT in lessons:
  • iMTL Portal (https://imtl.moe.edu.sg)
  • MC Online
  • Xuele (CL) (https://xuele.moe.edu.sg)
  • eZhishi (CL)

Cultural Activities:
Conversational Chinese and Malay (CCM)
MTL Fortnight
MTL Language and Cultural Camp
Celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali

Department Members
Mdm Tan Soh Leng (HOD/MTL)
Mrs Sreelathaa Prasad (SH/ML & TL)
Ms Chua Pey Wen (ST/Chinese)
Mdm Nor Shahila (ML coordinator)

Ms Chan Bi Hui

Ms Grace Li Yifei

Mdm Jiang Hong

Ms Karen Lim

Mdm Koh Buay Yang

Mdm Lei Xuemei

Ms Ng Mui Hiok

Ms Ng Ying Hui, Ruth

Mdm Ng Yan Ling

Mdm Peng Ming Ming

Mdm See Bee Pang

Ms Tian Xiao
Mdm Sri Syazwani

Mr Molawari B Abdul Jaffar

Mdm Majnon Bte Mohd Yasin

Mdm Jamaliah Binti Sulaiman

Mdm Yahthavi d/o K M

Mr P Nagor

Mdm Arasi