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Physical Education and Holistic Health

Desired Student Outcomes

1.       Acquire a range of motor skills to participate in a variety of physical activities.

2.       Understand and apply movement concepts, principles and strategies in a range of physical activities.

3.       Demonstrate safe practices during physical and daily activities with respect to themselves, others and the environment.

4.       Display positive personal and social behaviour across different experiences.

5.       Acquire and maintain health-enhancing fitness through regular participation in physical activities.

6.       Enjoy and value the benefits of living a physically active and healthy life.

Key Programmes/Events

We believe every pupil should be given the opportunity to access the knowledge, develop the skills and attitudes to live healthily. To do so, we educate pupils using the Holistic Health Framework on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and how to do so (e.g., being active, having a healthy mind, eating right).

To strengthen our Holistic Health Programme, we infuse these elements through a whole-school approach. First, in our Physical Education lessons – besides focusing on movement competencies which are fundamental towards equipping pupils to be proficient in sports and games – also include components of food and nutrition. Second, we also participate in the Healthy Meals in Schools Programme to ensure our pupils eat right and learn the importance of maintaining a healthy diet. Third, we also work with parents so that they can help provide a healthy diet for their children outside of school. 


Parents were invited to have “Chat Over Breakfast” with their children so that they can bond and interact with their children and form teachers over a healthy breakfast.

Other key programmes include:

·         NAPFA Test for P4 and P6 pupils

·         Games Carnival

·         ACES Day

·         Active Kids Programme

·         Primary 4 and 6 Outdoor Adventure Camp



Games Carnival 2016



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