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Prefect's Investiture Ceremony 2013

Prefect's Investiture Ceremony 2013

The Prefect's Investiture Ceremony was held in the school hall on the morning of Monday, 1 April. During this annual event, the student leaders of North View Primary School were recognised for their leadership efforts in serving the school and upholding its core values. as they were each presented with a new symbol of their leadership roles, the prefect's tie by the Guest of Honour for the event, Mr David Soh, Chairman of the North View Primary School Advisory Committee. Parents of these student leaders were also present to witness this significant moment in the lives of their children.

The highlight of the event was the revealing of the Student Prefectorial Board Executive Committee which is made up of the following student leaders:

Head Prefect: Maxine Koh Xin Yi of 5Courage

Vice Head Prefect: Sufiah Wahyumanty Bte Sudirman of 5Joy
Fibbra Adilla Bte Ibrahim of 5Joy

Members: Ranen Yeap Rui Neng of 5Courage
Sarah Lean Yu Teng of 5Courage
Rachel Low Yen Ting of 5Joy
Teng Ying Xuan of 4Hope
Shayna Walia of 4Hope
M Sumitha Isabel of 4Hope

Prefect Mentors: Nay Hnin Depar of 6Joy

Siti Umairah Bte Ahmad Zaidi of 6Courage

Prefect's Investiture Ceremony 2013 2

The ceremony ended with a bang as all the student leaders of 2013 stood together as one on stage to recite the Prefect's Pledge with conviction. Overall, it was a great success. Let's wish the student leaders all the best in bringing North View Primary School to greater heights for 2013!

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