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Prefects’ Training Fifth Session

Prefects’ Training Fifth 1On 22nd August 2014, the prefects had their fifth leadership training. The Primary 4 and 5 prefects learnt about Challenging the Process. Pupils played a game using ice cream sticks. Through the game, they learnt that it is important to do things differently to be more innovative. Pupils also learnt how to use presentation tools. They learnt that they can use visualizer, PowerPoint slides, props, models, flipcharts and YouTube video to make their presentation more interesting. It is important to consider the audience, topic, occasion and location when choosing the right tool.

The Primary 2 and 3 prefects learnt that our words carry enormous weight and they can impact people for a long time, providing the courage to press on or a reason to give up. They learnt some encouraging words that they can use to encourage others and negative words that can demotivate and hurt others. Pupils carried out an activity. They pasted some word tags on their forehead while others acted out. From the activity, pupils shared their feelings when they were being praised or ignored.
Prefects’ Training Fifth 2