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Prefects’ Training Third & Fourth Session

Prefects’ Training Third & FourthOn the third and fourth session of the leadership training (4th & 18th August 2014), the Primary 4 and 5 pupils learnt about non- verbal communication. Non-verbal communications include facial expressions, tone and pitch of the voice, and gestures. Pupils learnt how to improve their non- verbal communication skill through a simple game. Some of the pupils shared a story with the whole class. Through the presentation, they were aware that facial expression and gestures could help in making their story more interesting. They also learnt that to become a better communicator, it’s important to be sensitive not only to the body language and nonverbal cues of others, but also to their own.

The primary 2 and 3 learnt about being trustworthy. Trustworthiness involves four major qualities: integrity, honesty, promise-keeping, and loyalty. Each of these quality yields principles that tell us how a trustworthy person behaves. Being trusted increases our self-esteem and validates our good character. Pupils played a few games such as passing a tied rope from one member to another and Aye Aye Captain where they have to follow their leader’s instruction. Through the games, pupils learnt that we are only trusted when others think us worthy of their trust.

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