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Programme Hummingbird

First Contact Session - 25 March 2014

On 25 March 2014, all our International Students and 12 of their family members attended the first Contact Session of the year in the Acropolis. The aim of this event is to touch base with new and current international students and address any new or existing concerns or problems they may have encountered since the start of the school year while highlighting events and activities for 2014 to them. Participants were treated to a yummy lunch of local delights such as pan-fried carrot cake and curry puffs after our principal, Mrs Tan has welcomed them warmly. Everyone had a great time, especially during the group game where they had to piece together a photo puzzle of the staff of NVPS. It was certainly an afternoon of good food and company enjoyed by all!

Programme Hummingbird 1 Programme Hummingbird 2



NVPS IS Game Show - 1 April 2014


On 1 April 2014, 25 of our P2 and P3 International Students and 7 of their family members took part in the school-based NVPS IS Game Show – “We are North Viewians!” - where they competed in groups by completing tasks and answering questions related to NVPS so as to gain a better understanding of school related matters. Some highlights of the events included going to various venues of the school such as the new library to take group photos and having to sketch a picture of the first principal of NVPS. Overall, the event was a great success and everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly as student winners received attractive prizes and all participants  went home with an exclusive “I love NVPS” badge.

NVPS IS Game Show 1 NVPS IS Game Show 2