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Pupil Leaders' Orientation Programme

On Friday 9th January 2015, the Primary 3 to 6 prefects attended the Pupil Leaders’ Orientation Programme to welcome the New Year.

Pupils were introduced to the school vision and the Prefects’ Motto of Firm Leaders, Caring Friends. They were introduced to the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership which can be found in their Northviewan Diary.

They were also given a chance to voice out their thoughts on what it means to be a leader. Then, they were shown the expectations of a student leader. Besides having integrity, compassion and responsibility, they are expected to be morally upright and take initiative in whatever they do.

At the end of the session, they had a better understanding of the Prefects’ Pledge and recited the pledge for the New Year. Overall, it was a fruitful session as the prefects look forward to learning more about the different aspects of leadership in the next pupil leaders’ touch base session.

Pupil Leaders' Orientation1

Pupil Leaders' Orientation2

Pupil Leaders' Orientation3