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Student Leaders’ Camp 2014

The Student Leaders’ Camp is one of the core programmes mounted by the Pupil Management and Leadership (PML) Team to develop the leadership qualities of our prefects and to support them in the discharge of their roles and responsibilities as a member of the North View Primary Prefectorial board. The objectives of the day camp are to:
  • Develop a positive and strong interpersonal relationships within the Prefectorial Team 
  • Foster awareness of team spirit and to reinforce commitment to the Prefectorial Team 
  • Establish a positive team culture, beliefs, values and norms of behaviours and roles of a leader. 

Organised by the members of the PML team for the first time this year, the Student Leaders’ Camp was held in the school premises on 17 March. A total of 88 student leaders – including P2 Little Marshals, and P3-P6 prefects – spent the first day of the March holidays getting to know one another better through various bonding games and team activities. As each group had a good mix of student leaders from different levels, the pupils had to leverage on the strengths of their peers as well as appreciate the differences among them in order to successfully complete each task.

Student Leaders’ Camp 20141

Student Leaders’ Camp 2014 2 Each of the team-bonding activity was followed by a debriefing session facilitated by PML teachers, where pupils got the opportunity to reflect on the “Six Practices of Exemplary Leadership” based on a framework by James M. Kouzes & Barry Z Posner. A key takeaway for Ranen Yeap of P6 Joy was the value of active listening during group activities while Bethany Grace John of P5 Joy learnt that one of the qualities of a good leader is to take initiative.