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Touch Base Session for International Students

On Tuesday 27th January, the international pupils and their parents gathered at the Multi Purpose Room to bond together over lunch and games. The objective of the gathering is to address any new or existing problems that they might have faced since the start of the school year and to give them an overview of the upcoming programmes for the year.

First, Mr Wong welcomed the pupils and parents and thanked the latter for their support of the programme. He encouraged the pupils to use their different nationalities to bring vibrancy into North View Primary School’s school life through events like International Friendship day. The pupils then played the game ‘Don’t Forget the Lyrics’ where they had to recall lyrics to Singapore’s National Day songs.

Then, Mr Prem spoke to them about Programme Hummingbird. He encouraged them to participate actively in the programmes planned for the year. He mentioned that P3 and P4 pupils will go on a heritage trail of Yishun and Sembawang to know their neighbourhood. He also told the P5 and P6 pupils that they would have the opportunity to visit factories owned by Singaporeans to see a different facet of the Singapore life. Overall, it was a fruitful session for both parents and pupils.

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