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Whole School Pupil Leadership Training

On Monday, 18 July 2011, from 8am to 9am NVPS was abuzz once again as all our pupils experienced their third session of Leadership Training. This was a follow up to the training they had in Term 2.

P1 Pupils: The level learnt about being responsible. Through a video, they learnt how to stay focused on the task. Through the sharing of the video on “Cars”, the pupils learnt to be responsible and to be stay focused on the task. Pupils were made to realize that a leader is someone whom others would want to follow. Hence, a leader must be responsible and be exemplary in conduct.


P2 Pupils: The pupils learnt to understand the importance of good listening skills by connecting as a good listener and a speaker. Through the activity “Broken Telephone”, the pupils understood the importance of passing messages accurately. They learnt that to be a good communicator, they need to listen attentively and speak clearly.


P3 Pupils: The pupils learnt that Leadership is Influence. Through the activity, Airball, pupils learnt how to include everyone in the team and how to play their part to achieve the goal. As for the activity, Square relay, pupils came to understand that each individual pupil needs to be attentive to their specific role in the relay in order to reach its objectives.


P4 Pupils: The pupils learnt to achieve goals as a team and complement one another whilst doing so. Through the creation of a class motto, the pupils understood the key ingredient of a successful team is to have a common goal. They will use these skills to create and design a class motto.


P5 Pupils: The pupils came to understand how to deal with problems. Pupils understood that to solve a problem, they will need to determine its root cause and trace the different categories to its root cause. Pupils understood how to check the contributing factors to the problems and learnt to solve them with step by step solutions.


P6 Pupils: Pupils came to understand more about Priorities and Time Management. Through the different video clips that demonstrate the four time value personalities, the pupils came to understand the need to prioritize. They came to understand the concept of time management which is based on identifying personal priorities and making them the first things to be accomplished.



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