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Yishun and Sembawang Heritage Trail

13 Primary 3 and 4 international students and 7 of their family members went on a Yishun / Sembawang Heritage Trail on the morning of Wednesday, 18 March. Besides visiting heritage sites and local landmarks like Chong Pang City and the statue of Lim Nee Soon, the children had the opportunity to visit one of Singapore oldest traditonal cake shop, Gin Thye Cakemaker along Sembawang Road, where they got to sample freshly baked traditional pastries and candies such as Tao Sha Pia and Peanut Brittle. They also had the chance to add the finishing touches to the baking goodies before the final process of baking. At the end of the trail, each of them brought home a box of traditional pastries and confectionary to share with their families. Overall, it was a great success as the children and their family members enjoyed themselves thoroughly.