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The Girls' Brigade (GB) 83rd Company

The 83rd Singapore Company Girls’ Brigade have done the school proud by attaining the following awards! 

jbb award.jpg

4 Junior Brigader Brooch Award (JBB) Awardees:

o   Eleena Lim (6 Joy)

o   Kate Lovelace (6 Joy)

o   Kathryn Teng (6 Hope)

o   Emelia Low (6 Integrity)

great job kate.jpgkate.jpg

JBB Awardee-Kate Lovelace is 1 of the 12 girls in Singapore who was invited to interact with President Halimah.

Selected students completed the Junior Leadership Training (JLTC) Camp.

National drill.JPG

Attained Best New Comer Award and Silver Award for the National Creative Drill Competition.

GB awards.JPG

Recipients of Best Girl & Outstanding Girl during Enrolment Service:

o   Best Girl: Kate Lovelace (6 Joy)

o   Outstanding Girl: Chloe Goh (6 Hope)

Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2018 Arts Presentation (AP)

Our Performing Arts CCAs participated in this year’s Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation.  The pupils have done the school proud by displaying the school values of empathy and resilience throughout the whole process. They were supportive of each other, practising their dance together and even helping one another in studies!

Chinese dance.jpgIndian Dance.jpg

Chinese Dance - Certificate of Distinction    Indian Dance - Certificate of Accomplishment

choir.jpginternational dance.jpg

Choir - Certificate of Accomplishment       International Dance - Certificate of Distinction 

Guzheng - Certificate of Distinction 

Asia Pacific Youth Robotics Competition 2018

APYRC, Asia Pacific Youth Robotics Competition was held on 30th June 2018. The 
competition focused on creative problem solving. 

 NVPS Team 2 won 3rd place for the Sumo Single category. 

1. Raymus Cheong Kai Yu      5 Hope
2. Loo Tze Him                         5 Hope 

APYRC2018 sumo single prize presentation (1).jpegAPYRC2018 sumo single.jpeg

Future Problem Solving 

The 4 Joy Future Problem Solving Team won the second place in the Junior Division Competition.
fps.jpgfps 2.jpg

Scouts Akela Award

4 Cub Scouts have managed to clinch the Akela Award this year. 

 The Akela Award is the highest progression award in primary school scouting. The 4 pupils went through 3 rounds of rigorous testing and interviews. They met all the requirements for the award.



Dylan Teh Zhibin       

6 Hope


Teow Kai Jun 

6 Faith


Jolene Koh Kai Ting 

6 Faith


Nur Nadirah Binte Muhammad Ambari   

6 Joy