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  • To enable students to understand and use drama skills effectively.
  • To develop and improve pupils’ confidence and poise so that they can showcase their talents during performances and competitions.
  • To help pupils develop spontaneity and ignite their passion in drama
  • Inculcate school values (e.g. resilience, integrity, sincerity, empathy), teamwork, discipline and 21CC in students through drama


Key Highlights

Our Drama pupils are given opportunities to perform in school events. The pupils are also exposed to drama performances where they are able to watch experienced professionals in action. From time to time, they are given opportunities to perform at external venues with a larger and public audience.

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“I enjoy Drama CCA because I can make friends with pupils from the other levels. Drama CCA has helped me to be a more confident pupil. It has also taught me discipline and how to perseverance even when things are difficult.” – Shalisa Lian, 6 Courage


  1. Mdm Zunaidah (OIC)
  2. Ms Vikneshwari
  3. Mdm Lyanna Ng