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Student Leadership Committee

Department Overview

The Student Leadership Committee aims to develop every student to be a Caring Leader. The committee believes that leadership can be nurtured and all students have the potential to be developed as leaders. Every student will be equipped with the basic leadership skills to lead oneself first before leading others.

Curriculum and pedagogy / Approach

Our school’s student leadership development approach is "Lead Self and Lead Others". All students will undergo a whole-school leadership programme. This programme leverages on Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP) to educate and nurture our students to develop the following Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies:

1. Student Leadership Development Approach.png

The following shows the 4-Levels Student Leadership Development Structure:

2. Student Leadership Development Structure.PNG

Level 1: Class Leaders Appointments are renewed termly to provide opportunities for non-level 2 to level 4 student leaders to assume class leadership roles and apply their leadership skills.

3. Level 1 - Class Leadership Roles.png

Form teachers will update the names of the class leaders in the class list found on the following Class Leadership Appointment Chart.

4. Class Leadership Appointment Chart.png

Level 2: Primary 2 to Primary 6 potential student leaders are appointed to take on leadership appointments beyond class. This group of student leaders will undergo training specific to their roles and responsibilities planned by respective departments / committees.

5. Level 2 - Leadership Appointments Beyond Class.png
6. Prefectorial Board.png

Level 3: Prefects are students who have displayed greater leadership potential among their peers. They are provided with various platforms to hone their leadership skills through serving the school and community.

Level 4: Teachers, students and school leaders play a part in deciding the Executive Committee (EXCO) Prefects. EXCO Prefects are students who have exhibited exemplary character and leadership qualities among the prefects. They represent the voice of the student population and are involved in planning meaningful project and event.

7. Exco Prefects.png

Key programmes

Highlights of 2020 Student Leadership Committee Events & Programmes

Prefectorial Board Events:

  • Head Prefect Rally –
    Due to Covid-19 and implementation of Safe Management Measures (SMMs), shortlisted P5 Prefects presented their Campaign Speeches virtually. Prefects’ campaign speech videos were shown to students on platforms such as Assembly (for P3 & P6 only), TV Monitors in the school and Student Learning Space (SLS). Both students and teachers voted for the Head Prefect via Google form.
  • Prefects’ Investiture Ceremony –
    The Prefects' Investiture is an important ceremony that formally officiates the appointments of the prefects and recognises the Primary 6 senior prefects for their years of service to the school. The ceremony also marks the handing over of duties by the Primary 6 Executive Committee to the newly appointed Primary 5 Executive Committee.

Leadership Training Opportunities –

Every year, prefects will have the opportunities to undergo leadership-training programmes to equip them with the necessary skills in their respective leadership roles. Prefects will also be provided with various platforms to apply their leadership skills:

  • First Week @ School
  • Civil Defence Junior Lionhearter (CDJLH) Workshop
  • Prefects’ Student Learning Space (SLS) Leadership Training & Touch-base Sessions
  • Safe Management Measures (SMMs) Duties

Prefects’ Values-in-Action (VIA) Programme (in collaboration with Friend of Singa Programme):

  • Appreciating Our Unsung Heroes