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Aesthetics (Arts/ Music)

Department Overview

Every Pupil An Insightful Artist

To develop passion and excellence in the Arts

Through our NVPS arts education, we want all pupils to be able to understand the world around them through new ways of seeing, listening, expressing, creating so that they can make meaning of their life, experiences, culture and identity.

We aim for every child to:
  • Enjoy Art and Music
  • Communicate Artistically (visually and musically)
  • Make meaning through connecting with society and culture

Curriculum and pedagogy / Approach

In North View, our curated programs are aligned to the “Inspire. Cultivate. Strive.” approach.


Inspire wonder and creativity

Our General Art and Music programs are conducted through student-centered activities based on inquiry-based learning approach. Through questioning, scenarios and experimentation, pupils are encouraged to be active learners and make sense of their learning processes.
Through visible thinking routines such as See-Think-Wonder and What Makes You Say That, pupils develop thinking dispositions that support thoughtful learning.

Cultivate an open mind for lifelong appreciation of the arts

Termly Arts assembly programs expose pupils to the many facets of visual and performing arts.
Pupils are also engaged in learning journeys to the museum and performing arts facilities.

Strive for excellence in Arts

Inter-department collaborative efforts allow talented pupils to showcase their creativity through card design and performances during community outreach efforts.
There are also platforms such as in-house art exhibitions and recess concerts to further augment pupils’ arts experiences.
For pupils who show mastery and passion, they will be recommended for SOTA Junior Academy.

Key programmes

  • Printmaking (relief, serigraphy, monotype)
  • Ceramics
  • Painting (batik, watercolours)
  • New media (digital photography, stop-motion animation, garage band)
  • Fun with recorder
  • Journey with Ukulele

Signature Programmes

Printmaking as an artform is accessible, flexible and places great emphasis on the artmaking and thinking process of the artist. Our printmaking module leverages on these inherent traits of the artform, providing students not only the artmaking abilities to articulate their individual voices through their artwork, but also focuses on developing problem-solving and analytical skills in students through the artmaking process. This culminates in an art graduation project by the Primary Six students.

Engaging with Songs
Singing is a great way to tap on children’s natural instinct for musical expression. We thus engage our students with songs and infuse in them the joy of music-making. Students are also exposed to different world-views and soundscapes through the wide range of songs that they sing, listen, perform or create.