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Character and Citizenship education

CCE Committee Overview

In alignment with the school vision of “Passionate Learners, Caring Leaders”, the Character and Citizenship (CCE) Committee drives positive character development to develop Northviewans to be caring individuals and useful citizens. The character development programme is based on the five school core values of Resilience, Respect, Responsibility, Graciousness and Integrity. Other than teaching the school values through school-based Values Education lessons, the character development programme also equips Northviewans with citizenry knowledge and skills. Through inquiry approach during Social Studies, Northviewans grow in their knowledge by examining issues that are of concern to our society and the world in which they live in. They will become informed, concerned and participative citizens whom will make quality decisions for effective citizenship.

“Every child is unique” and “It takes a village to raise a child”. Therefore the CCE Committee believes that it requires time, patience as well as collaborative efforts among different stakeholders to nurture the whole child to bring out the best in every child. Under the loving and patient guidance of the teachers and their parents/guardians, all Northviewans will aspire, grow and excel and progress from dependence to independence.

Curriculum and Pedagogy/Approach

3E Approach.png
The CCE Committee adopts the 3E approach, Enthuse, Experience and Enhance, based on Kolb’s Experiential Theory for both the Values and Citizenship Education. At the Enthuse stage, school-based designed Values Education lessons with authentic stories are used, to create awareness, exposure and knowledge. Northviewans also get to discuss cases that have social and moral dilemma so that they can apply values in authentic situations. At the Experience stage, students go through first-hand experiential learning, e.g. participate in Values-in-Action (VIA) programmes so that they can contribute to fellow schoolmates or the community. Finally, at the Enhance stage, students get to reflect on their learning and experiences so they can internalise what they have learned and work towards being a caring leader.

Key Programmes

Values Education
Citizenship Education
Values Talk Assembly Programme
Field Based Learning
Moral Dilemma Lessons (P5/P6)
P1 – Jacob Ballas
Enhanced MT CCE lesson package
P2 – Sports Hub
Cross Cultural Programme (P4/P5)
P3 – Botanic Gardens
Sustainability Zero Waste Project (P3 to P6)
P4 – National Museum
Values in Action (VIA)
P5 – Asian Civilisation Museum
Hawker Culture Programme
P6 – Interactive Heritage Trail
Arktion – Kindness Movement @NVPS
Contemporary issues (P3 to P6)
Friends of Singa
Enhanced Social Studies lesson packages
Happy Classroom

Commemoration & Celebration of National Education (NE) Events

  • Total Defence Day
  • International Friendship day
  • Racial Harmony Day
  • National Day