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Cyber Wellness Programme

Cyber Wellness refers to the positive well-being of internet users. It involves an understanding of the dangers of harmful online behaviors, an awareness of how to protect yourself and other internet users from such dangers.

In NVPS, we aim to develop our students to be responsible digital users guided by the Cyber Wellness principles.


Here is an overview of what our students are learning during their Form Teacher Guidance Periods (FTGP) lessons to develop their competencies in Cyber Wellness. 

Three big ideasFour Themes8 Topics
Cyber Identity:
Healthy self-identity
Cyber Use: 
Balance life and balanced use
  • Online Identity and Expression
  • Balanced Use of ICT
Relationships Cyber Relationships: Safe and Meaningful
  • Netiquettte 
  • Cyber Bullying 
  • Online Relationships 
 ChoicesCyber Citizenship:  Positive presence 
  •  About the Cyber World
  • Handling Online Content and Behaviour 
  • Cyber Contacts 

The Peer Support Leaders (PSL) also play an active role in sharing with their peers about Cyber Wellness. For example, selected PSLs were involved in creating an awareness video and posters on Cyber Bullying. They also did a video presentation during their FTGP lesson. Click on the links below to watch some of the Cyber Wellness Videos that students were involved in.

Don’t Be Fooled (2019) - A 5-minute educational video on what is fake news and how to spot fake news - https://go.gov.sg/dontbefooled

Say ‘No’ to Cyber bullying (2022) - https://go.gov.sg/cyberbullying2

The Mother Tongue Department and Student Well-Being Committee also collaborated to publish an electronic comic book, titled “Say NO to School Bullying”. On 26 July 2022, the school invited Dr Gary Goh, a famous comic artist in Singapore, to conduct a comic drawing workshop for the students. Students created a comic with the theme “Say NO to School Bullying”. 

Click here to view the e-book! 

Say No to Bullying.PNG

Apart from the FTGP lessons, there are school wide activities such as assembly programmes and Cyber Wellness Week planned out for them as well! Here are some pictures taken from the Cyber Wellness Week!