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Programme for Active Learning

PAL @ NVPS is a platform for Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils to acquire social and emotional competencies and inculcate good values. It provides a broad exposure of experiences to our pupils in the 4 domains:
    • PAL Sports & Games
    • PAL Outdoor Education
    • PAL Performing Arts
    • PAL Visual Arts

PAL @ NVPS also offers a balance between the academic and non-academic areas in the school, and facilitates holistic and well-rounded development. Emphasis is placed on hands-on experiences, having fun and enjoyment in the learning and ongoing opportunities for peer interaction and self-discovery.

PAL @ NVPS hopes to equip our students with life skills and positive dispositions for the future. The following PAL learning outcomes are as follows:

    1. Confidence in what they do and express themselves effectively
      • Show enthusiasm and have a sense of competence
      • Connect skills and knowledge, responding to experiences
      • Connect and express ideas in more than one way
    1. Curiosity and positive attitude to learn
      • Demonstrate willingness to learn and accept challenges, and ability to extend learning
    1. Enjoy group experiences and teamwork
      • Appreciate one another
      • Demonstrate cooperative skills when participating in group activities

PAL @ NVPS Module Structure

Primary 1
PAL Visual Arts – Arts
PAL Performing Arts – Music
PAL Sports & Games
Primary 2
PAL Performing Arts – Dance
PAL Performing Arts – Drama
PAL Outdoor Education


P1 PAL Visual Arts

PAL Visual Art 1.JPG PAL VIsual Art 2.JPG

P1 PAL Performing Arts - Music

PAL PA Music 3.JPG PAL PA Music 1.JPG PAL PA Music.JPG

P1 PAL Sports and Games


P2 PAL Performing Arts - Dance

PAL PA Dance 1.JPG PAL PA Dance 2.JPG

P2 PAL Performing Arts - Drama

PAL PA Drama 2.JPG PAL PA Drama 3.JPG

PAL Outdoor Education

PAL OE 4.jpeg PAL OE 2.jpeg PAL OE.jpg PAL OE (2).jpg