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Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Department Overview

To develop a community of passionate and responsible learners, empowered by technology.


  • Every student equipped with the relevant skills to access technology
  • Quality learning experience with technology
  • To develop every student to be responsible digital learners through Cyber Wellness education

Curriculum and pedagogy / Approach

ICT Curriculum.PNG
In North View Primary, our teachers celebrate collaboration and constantly develop our skills to be competent in using technology for effective teaching and learning. There is easy access to devices and resources to ensure seamless learning. The use of ICT to enhance teaching and learning is integrated meaningfully into the curriculum.

As an effort to promote self-directed and collaborative learning, e-learning programmes are designed for students. Online portals such as the Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS), MOE i-MTL portal, e-zhishi portal and Scholastic reading portal as well as as online collaboration tools such as Zoom, provide the different platforms for an engaged and enriched learning where students would be able to access to online resources or learning packages.

We also follow closely to the MOE Cyber Wellness framework and educate North Viewans to be responsible Internet users. It involves an understanding of online behaviour and awareness of how to protect oneself in cyberspace.

Cyber Wellness Principles.png

Key programmes

  • ICT Orientation lessons for P2- P6 students
  • P1 and P2 ICT lessons - Basic Computer Operations and Touch-typing skills
  • Integrated Project Work (IPW) using ICT for P3 students
  • Coding Programme for P4 and P6 students
  • Cyber Wellness Assembly Programme
  • Cyber Wellness FTGP Sharing by Cyber Wellness Ambassadors
  • Cyber Wellness week