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Mother Tongue Languages

Department Overview

Our mission is to nurture our students to be a passionate learner who is a confident communicator. We are committed to inspire our students to learn and use their Mother Tongue language effectively.

Curriculum and pedagogy / Approach

MTL department uses varied teaching pedagogies and differentiated activities to engage our students in learning of Mother Tongue Languages in an authentic and conducive environment. Making thinking visible is one key area that the department is working on, teachers provide various thinking routines to encourage students to vocalize their ideas and develop their competencies.

In order to meet the learning needs of students from varied background, the MTL curriculum adapts itself to offer greater flexibility in its teaching and learning. Those who exhibit mastery can advance and those who need reinforcement can move forward with the additional support so that they can move forward when they are ready.

The department adopts a 3 ā€œCā€ approach in designing of our programmes: Communication, Culture and Connection. The introduction of MTL Experiential Learning Experiences and various MTL Enrichment Programmes are to promote the Joy of Learning in MTL and inject authentic experiences for our students.

ICT platforms such as SLS, iMTL portal and various ICT tools are used to ensure that the learning of MTL is interactive, connected and engaging.

Key programmes

Festive Celebration and Enrichment Programmes
  • Chinese New Year Celebration
  • Hari Raya Celebration
  • Deepavali Celebration

Enrichment & Experiential Learning Programmes
  • Mother Tongue Fortnight Programme
  • P3 Language and Cultural Camp
  • Internal Competitions
  • Speech and Drama for Primary 1 & Primary 2
  • Show and Tell for Primary 1 & Primary 2
  • Story Telling Workshop for Primary 3 (CL)
  • Poetry Recitation for Primary 3 (ML)
  • Conversational Chinese / Malay Language Programme (CCM)
  • Learning Journey to watch Cultural Performances
  • Public Speaking Workshop for Higher Ability Students
  • Mother Tongue Support Programme

Useful Website

CL/ML/TL : www.mtl.moe.edu.sg