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Our children are growing up in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambigious world. To thrive in such a future, we believe our pupils need to be equipped with the 21st Century Competencies (21CC) as identified by MOE (i.e., Civic Literacy, Global Awareness and Cross-cultural Skills; Critical and Inventive Thinking; and Communication, Collaboration and Information Skills).  

In line with our school’s mission of developing all children to their fullest, we equip 21CC in our students through our identified 7 domains of student development (Metacognitive, Cognitive, Character, Social & Emotional, Leadership, Physical, Aesthetics). Besides ensuring an all-round or holistic development for our students, this approach also allows students to develop their character, strengths and interests. Our school policies and programmes for these domains are designed to bring about engaged learning in these domains so that our students will experience the joy of learning and see learning as fun, interesting and rewarding. With this, we lay the foundation for our students to be lifelong learners and future-ready.

Spatial Visualisation Programme (SVP)

Conducted within the Math curriculum, our Primary 1 to 5 pupils are trained in investigative and spatial problem solving skills by using manipulatives such as pattern blocks, tangrams, geo-shapes and the Cuisenaire rods. Their visual spatial skills are developed through this visually stimulating and challenging programme.

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Thinking Routines
In order for our students to think critically about how they are thinking and how they should be thinking, we need to stimulate curiosity from our children and inculcate the discipline of inquiry through careful observations of their world around them. To do so, we first need to make their thinking visible and develop good thinking habits in them. See-Think-Wonder is one of the key thinking routines adopted by the school in our lessons. This is used across different subjects for consistency and familiarity to our students. This routine is used to explore concepts in Math, and incorporated with other thinking routines to share ideas and self-reflection.

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