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About the Department
In North View Primary, we believe in the importance of delivering a sound education in the Aesthetics (Art and Music) to our students. It is through the Aesthetics that our students will be able to connect more deeply to the world and open them to new ways of seeing, listening, performing and creating. Through our Aesthetics curriculum and programmes, the skills, knowledge and appreciation of the Aesthetics that we seek to impart to our students will be underpinned by the school values, 21st Century Competencies and the habits of a disciplined and inquiring mind.

Key Programmes/Events
Printmaking Module

Printmaking as an artform is accessible, flexible and places great emphasis on the artmaking and thinking process of the artist. Our printmaking module leverages on these inherent traits of the artform, providing students not only the artmaking abilities to articulate their individual voices through their artwork, but also focuses on developing problem-solving and analytical skills in students through the artmaking process. This culminates in an art graduation project by the Primary Six students.


P6 Art Graduation Project, Class of 2017


Groupwork during Art lessons


Students exploring the outdoors to get “natural” prints for their artwork

Engaging with Songs Module Singing is a great way to tap on children’s natural instinct for musical expression. We thus engage our students with songs and infuse in them the joy of music-making. Students are also exposed to different world-views and soundscapes through the wide range of songs that they sing, listen, perform or create. This, in conjunction with our Learning for Life focus, culminates in a mini-Musical performance by the P6 students incorporating the elements of song, speech and dance.


Recess performances by students 


Groupwork during in Music lessons

LearningJourney VCH.jpg

Learning Journey to Victoria Concert Hall (photo taken by VCH)

Department Members

Mdm Norilah Abdullah (Subject Head)

Ms Melissa Tan (SSD)

Ms Nadirah Jani

Miss Chew Ching Wen

Ms Ruth Zheng

Miss Tan Yi Xiu