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Character & Citizenship Education

CCE Outcomes @ NVPS

1. Morally Upright Individuals                

  • Pupils exemplify the the school’s core values; Integrity, Empathy, Sincerity and Resilience, as well as the R3ICH values; Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care and Harmony.

2. Individuals with a Sense of Self-Worth             

  • Pupils have a sense of self-worth and know their strengths and areas for growth.

Department Programmes
School Values Mascots 


Traditional Art Forms
The programme has been the cornerstone of the school's character programme since 2014. The school embarked on 2 art forms; the Chinese Brush Painting and Chinese Calligraphy. The programme aims to reinforce the teaching of values such as resilience, patience and perseverance through experiential learning and allow our pupils to internalise and deepen their understanding of the values as they engage in the traditional art forms.   

Chinese Brush Painting


Chinese Calligraphy

Values-in-Action (VIA) 

The school’s VIA Framework is progressive and in line with the 6 domains of the CCE Framework; self, family, school, community, nation and world. Our pupils put the values that they have learnt into action through participating in meaningful and engaging activities. One such activities is the Tray-Return Initiative.   

This year, our Primary 5 pupils helped out in handing out flyers to patrons at hawker centres in Ang Mo Kio to remind them to return their trays after meals. This is in line with the National Environment Agency (NEA)'s efforts to promote tray return as an effort to help keep hawker centres and food outlets clean and as an act of social graciousness towards cleaners and fellow patrons.

Pre Activity

Actual Activity