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English Language

About the Department


Every child a cultured, confident and competent user of the English Language


To build a strong foundation in every child’s English Language skills and knowledge

Key Programmes / Events

Reading Literacy Programme

North View’s Reading Literacy Programme promotes the love for reading and inculcates good reading habits in our pupils. Through the programme, our pupils learn how to choose books according to their reading abilities and are also motivated to read a variety of books. To cater to our pupils’ reading interests, genre-based reading activities are also conducted in the school library. This multi-pronged approach of our programme helps our pupils expand their worldview and also strengthen their language competencies.

  • kidsRead (Primary 1 and Primary 2)
  • NLB Book Buzz
  • NLB Mass Borrowing
  • Scholastic Literacy Pro
  • The Straits Times Little Red Dot


Oracy Enrichment Programme

North View’s Oracy Enrichment Programme aims to develop our pupils’ speaking skills, confidence and poise. A variety of modules such as Speech and Drama, Readers’ Theatre, Storytelling and Public Speaking is conducted for the various levels and every pupil will go through the module for their level. Our pupils pick up knowledge and skills through engaging activities during these lessons. After completing the lessons, our pupils get a chance to showcase what they have learnt to a live audience to further strengthen their confidence and poise.

  • Primary 2 – Speech and Drama
  • Primary 3 – Dramatic Storytelling
  • Primary 4 – Public Speaking

Head, Heart, Hands (HE-HE-HA) Reflective Thinking Routine (through the use of The Straits Times Little Red Dot reading supplement)

The department adopts the Head, Heart, Hands model to encourage pupils to undergo reflective thinking by grappling with the information provided in the text in a purposeful and structured manner. The thinking routine also provides a means to elicit vibrant discussions and develop deep thinking. It is built around comprehending the key ideas/messages, inculcating values and how contributions can be made. Pupils will get to apply the thinking routine through the use of articles from the weekly The Straits Times Little Red Dot publication.

Learning Support Programmes

  • Primary 1 and 2 LSP
  • Primary 3 and 4 RRP
  • Primary 3 and 4 SDR

Department Members

  • Mr Lee Ke Hin (HOD/EL)
  • Ms Grace Chan Ho Lai (LH/EL)
  • Mr Kenneth Koh Ye Hong (LH/EL – Int, Primary 4 Level Rep)
  • Mdm Lyanna Ng Lee Yen (ST/EL, Primary 6 Level Rep)
  • Mr Franklin De Silva (Upper Pri STELLAR Mentor, Primary 5 Level Rep)
  • Mdm Zunaidah Abdul Rahman (Lower Pri STELLAR Mentor)
  • Miss Latha Rama Raj (Primary 1 Level Rep)
  • Miss Chermaine Png Sok Cheng (Primary 2 Level Rep)
  • Mrs Poh Mei Ping Sharon (Primary 3 Level Rep)
  • Mr Zulkiflie Abdul Razak (Foundation English Level Rep)
  • dm Paraathi d/o Pachaimuthu
  • Mrs Sindhu Thiagesh
  • Miss Vikneshwari Kunusegaran
  • Miss Aisyah Samat
  • Mdm Priya Gopalakrishnan
  • Mdm Roslinda Umar