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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

What is the Learning for Life Programme?
The Learning for Life programme (LLP) provides pupils with real-life experiential learning to develop their character and values, cultivate positive attitudes and self-expression, and strengthen their people skills. The intent is to instill in pupils a sense of rootedness and responsibility for their community and fellow Singaporeans. Areas may include, outdoor adventure learning, sports, student leadership development, uniformed groups, and performing and visual arts.

North View Primary School’s LLP – Every Pupil a Confident Performer
We received our LLP in the area of Music and Performing Arts from MOE in 2015. North View Primary’s LLP is a school-wide programmethat involves all students from Primary 1 to Primary 6. It aims to provide pupils with opportunities to discover their interests and nurture their strengths through the exposure of different performing art forms. As we believe in the holistic development of our pupils and that all pupils are intrinsically curious learners, we seek to encourage our pupils to embark on a journey of experimenting and self-discovery through the programme’s experiences. The intended end-goal and long-term impact of the programme is to nurture pupils who would be able to express themselves – through performing art forms and beyond – with confidence and poise.

Our LLP provides broad-based exposure to different performing art forms while ensuring additional experiences for students with greater interest or aptitude in these areas.

  P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6
  • Speech and Drama
  • Creative movement

  • Speech and Drama
  • Boom-whackers

  • Storytelling
  • Modern Dance

  • Public Speaking
  • Ethnic Percussion

 Basic Ukelele

 Mini Musical

Co-curriculum (PAL)

Performing Arts CCAs:

  • Chinese Dance
  • Malay Dance
  • International Dance
  • Guzheng
  • Choir
  • Drama