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Our Vision 

Confident Problem-solver with a lively interest in learning for life

We want our students to become confident problem solvers who achieve a level of mastery of and interest in mathematics that build a strong foundation for them to pursue mathematics at the secondary level and beyond.

Our Purpose
We will engage our students to do Math so that they will be able to:
Acquire and apply math concepts and skills well
Be fluent with computations and number facts
Engage actively in mathematics problem solving
Engage actively in logical reasoning and creative thinking 
Develop the interest and confidence in learning math

Our Focus for Primary One to Six
P1 and P2 P3 and P4 P5 and P6
  • Build strong foundation in basic concepts and skills
  • Start to solve word problems
  • Foster opportunities for early successes
  • Start the habit of assessing learning progress
  • Strengthen concepts and skills
  • Develop problem solving strategies
  • Develop logical reasoning and creative thinking
  • Develop the habit of self-regulating of learning progress
  • Consolidate and extend concepts and skills
  • Master problem solving
  • Develop fluency in logical reasoning and creative thinking
  • Be adept at self-regulating of learning progress
Some of our programmes 

Spatial Visualisation Programme

For Primary One to Four students


This is part of the school’s strategic initiative to develop our students’ metacognitive thinking. Through a systematic and structured developmental approach, we hope to hone our students’ critical and inventive thinking competencies, which are also essential 21st century competencies.

The students will undergo 5 sessions of investigations and spatial problem solving, involving the use of manipulatives pattern blocks, tangrams, geoshapes and Cuisenaire rods. The students will explore the characteristics of each of the manipulatives and apply them during the problem solving. Students’ visual spatial skills would be developed through this visually stimulating and challenging environment. 

Math Literature Programme

To build a strong interest and foundation in learning math and good grounding in reading and comprehension skills at the lower primary levels by tapping on children’s interest in reading and listening to stories, we endeavored to start the programme in the school in 2015. The programme is ongoing.

The programme involves using math picture books to introduce a concept or skill or to provide a context for students to apply the concepts and skills learnt to solve a problem. As the story unfolds, the students work in pairs to respresent the math in the story using manipulatives and math language to explain their thinking to each other. After that, the students will also work together on an investigative task featured in a math journal to reinforce the learning. 

MATHSLIT.pngMath Journal 

Math Olympiad Training Programme

for Primary Four, Five and Six students

The objective of the Mathematics Olympiad programme is to stimulate students’ interest and enthusiasm for problem-solving. This programme aims to develop their mathematical intuition and logical thinking and reasoning. The training will sharpen students’ minds and broaden their mathematical skills to solve non-routine challenging Mathematics questions. 

Math Workshops for Parents


Since 2016, the mathematics department has conducted maths workshops for our parents of our Primary One and Two students. This is part of our efforts in improving communication with parents to build better understanding between homes and the school so as to better support the students in their learning. This year, we have extended the workshop to parents of our Primary Three students.

The objectives of the workshops were to enable parents to gain greater understanding of the focus in the Primary Mathematics Syllabus and to learn ways to support their children in their learning especially in concepts such as Part-Whole and Multiplication and Division, Fractions and Solving word problems using model drawing.

Affirmation and words of appreciation abound in the feedback form.  We would like to thank all parents for their overwhelming and continued support.

We can learn at all times!

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An example of a video to introduce ‘Fraction of a set’ – Primary 4.
Department Members
Ms Rachael Tan (HOD/Math)
Mdm Rhoda Tan (ST/Math)
Mr Nurshahin B Sarry
Ms Le Minming Ally
Mdm Tham Miaw Jeng
Ms Yeo Xinyi
Ms Karlpana
Mdm Florence Kho
Ms Xiao Qiying
Ms Sylvia Tan
Mdm Nurmiszah
Mdm Kartini bte Mohd Yusof