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Mother Tongue Languages

About the Department

Key Objectives

a)       nurture active learners and proficient users of the Mother Tongue Languages (MTLs)

b)      help students love the MTLs and use it for life by creating a conducive environment for the use of the MTLs

Key Programmes
To improve pupils Oral Communication and Listening skills through:

·         Conversation using Role play (P1 & P2)

·         Speech and Drama (P1 & P2)

·         Show and Tell (P2)

·         Storytelling Workshop (P3 & P4)

·         Thematic Oral Practice (P3 to P6 - ICT Based)

To improve pupils' Reading and Writing Skills through:

·         Daily Structured Reading Program (P1 to P6)

·         Graded Composition (P3 to P6)

·         READ @ eZhishi (P1 to P6, CL)

·         Use of flashcard and games to reinforce word recognition (P1 to P3, CL)

·         Read Educational Magazine (P1 to P6, CL)

Internal Competitions
Chinese Department:
  • Story Telling Competition (P3)
  • General Knowledge Quiz (P4)
  • Essay Writing Competition (P5 to P6) 

Malay Department:
  • Fiesta Bahasa
  • Speech and Drama (P1-P2)
  • Story Telling (P3-P4)
  • Rakan Bahasa  
Tamil Department:
  • Spelling Bee (P1-P6)
  • Story Telling (P1-P3)
  • Essay Writing (P4-P6)

Cultural Activities:
Conversational Chinese and Malay (CCM)
MTL Fortnight
MTL Language and Cultural Camp
Celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali

Department Members
Mdm Tan Soh Leng (HOD/MTL)
Mrs Sreelathaa Prasad (SH/ML & TL)
Ms Chua Pey Wen (ST/Chinese)
Mdm Nor Shahila (ML coordinator)

Ms Chan Bi Hui

Ms Grace Li Yifei

Mdm Jiang Hong

Ms Karen Lim

Mdm Koh Buay Yang

Mdm Lei Xuemei

Ms Ng Mui Hiok

Ms Ng Ying Hui, Ruth

Mdm Peng Ming Ming

Mdm See Bee Pang

Ms Tian Xiao
Mdm Sri Syazwani

Mr Molawari B Abdul Jaffar

Mdm Majnon Bte Mohd Yasin

Mdm Siti Binte Kapil

Mdm Nurul Huda

Mdm Siti Nor Amilin

Mr P Nagor
Ms Devi

Chinese Department
Conversational Chinese and Malay Programme (CCM)

All P3 and P4 pupils are attending a 20 hour Beginner & Basic Conversational Chinese and Malay Programme respectively this year. 

The objective of the Conversational Chinese and Malay Programme is for the pupils to understand simple conversational words and communication skills and allow them to communicate with their friends and neighbours of different races. Learning basic Conversational MTL thus aims at bridging the language divide and strengthening racial harmony. Pupils will also able to understand and appreciate the Chinese/Malay culture and values. 

ccm 1.jpg


P1 and P2 Chinese Speech & Drama Lesson
Through the Chinese Speech and Drama Programme, we aimed to build our pupils to be confident speakers. During the Semester 1, a total of 8 lessons had been conducted to equip Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils with various skills such as simple dramatization, movement, rhymes and poetry recitation and drama techniques for simple character portrayal. Meanwhile, these pupils were also exposed to various text types such as rhymes, poems and Chinese stories. 

This programme has undoubtedly boosted the pupils' interests in learning Chinese language and equipped them with the appropriate skills to present themselves in Mandarin. Good job to all the pupils who have participated in the programme!

P3 and P4 Chinese Story Telling Workshop
Through the Chinese Story Telling workshop, we aimed to build our pupils to be confident speakers. This workshop spanned across  6 weeks aimed to develop our pupils into confident speakers by creating an interactive environment for them to build up speaking skills. At the last session, pupils were given a platform to showcase the storytelling skills they have acquired. They took to the stage with zest and confidence. The storytelling workshop has helped to cultivate the pupils’ interest and love for the Chinese language and had helped to equip them with speaking skills to be well-versed in Mandarin.
MTL Fortnight
The Mother Tongue Language Fortnight aims to provide authentic opportunities for pupils to use their Mother Tongue languages, raise pupils’ appreciation for their Mother Tongue languages and cultures. 
Our Primary 1 pupils had sing along session and Primary 2 pupils had Hand Puppet workshop. The pupils enjoyed it!
Our Primary 4 to Primary 6 pupils attended a little reporter workshop, Primary 4 pupils imagined what they want to be when they grown up and presented it to their classmate. For Primary 5 and Primary 6 pupils became reporter and get to interview their classmates.

Sing along session for Primary 1

Hand Puppet workshop for Primary 2

Little Reporter workshop for Primary 4 to Primary 6

P3 CL Cultural Camp 
As part of the school’s effort to provide an immersive environment for students to learn, use and appreciate their Mother Tongue Language and culture, the MT Department has organised a Chinese Language Cultural Camp for P3 students. 
The objectives of this camp are to improve students’ Chinese Language competency and confidence level, and to promote appreciation of Chinese culture through various hands-on tasks and engaging activities. Students are exposed to a wide range of activities during the cultural camp. The activities include reading activity, clay sculpture, storytelling and Martial Art (Wushu). 

Classroom Activity: Reading Activity
Classroom Activity: Clay Sculpture
Mass Activity: Storytelling 
story telling.JPG
Mass Activity: Wushu


Our Primary 4 pupils taking Chinese Language attended a Chinese theatrical performance by Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Arts and Cultural Troupe. This is part of the school’s on-going effort to provide an authentic environment for students to learn Chinese Language and appreciate its culture. The pupils found that the performance was fabulous!
chinese theatre.JPG


angel chan.jpegzhu yi chen.jpeg

   Angel Chan Si Ting (4 Joy)-Bronze Award                    Zhu Yichen (4 Joy)-Bronze Award

zechariah.jpegjayden wong.jpeg

   Zachariah Ng Zheng Kai (4 Joy)-Bronze Award                      Jayden Wong (4 Joy)-Bronze Award

Malay Language Department
P3 Malay Language Camp
In term 2, Primary 3 Malay Language pupils participated in a day camp. They participated in activities such as Dikir Barat and Malay Dance. They are taught by a renowed cultural group in Singapore, Sri Warisan Som Said Performing Arts. 
Through the camp, pupils had the opportunity to explore the use of the language through music and movement. 
p3 malay.JPG

P1& P2 Speech and Drama and P3 &4 Storytelling
To strengthen the oral speaking skills of pupils and enhance their daily communication skills, pupils will be going through 8 sessions of speech and drama in P1 and P2 and 6 sessions of Storytelling sessions when they proceed on to P3 and P4. During the sessions, they learnt to read scripts with proper intonation. They also learnt to express themselves through various characterisation skills games.  

malay 2.JPG
Fiesta Bahasa
On the 13th of April, 12 Primary 5 Malay Language pupils took part in a language trail. The participants took part in different language games that enhances their Malay language and cultural awareness.
2 of our representative, Ahmad Danish and Nur Shukrryah emerged as the Champion team. 
Malay Fiesta.JPG
Rakan Bahasa
As part of Bulan Bahasa, students who are passionate about the Malay language and culture are appointed for a year as Rakan Bahasa, to be role models for the Malay language,
 to their peers, friends and family.
We are proud to have our first 2 Rakan Bahasa (Nur Ellysha and Ahmada Nur Jati) that was appointed on the 5th of May 2018 by MP Rahayu Mahzam. 

MTL Fornight
The Primary 1 to Primary 4 pupils will be experiencing the Malay Traditional Games. These games will be taught by their Malay Teachers during curriculum time. Quizes will be conducted at the end of the MTL Fortnight week.
Primary 5 pupils will be introduced to the history of kompang, the proper way and technique of playing kompang since there are different sounds that can be made with the kompang.With the knowledge learned, the students will get to perform a few songs. At the end of the workshop, the students can understand the importance of teamwork and synchronization while playing kompang.
Primary 6 pupils will be learning about Seni Khat. During the session they will learn to identify characters, pronounce the characters sound and romanised equivalent. They will also be experiencing by writing Jawi character on the provided worksheet and tracing their names on individual pouch. Each student will be given a pouch and design based on their creativity.

Tamil Department
MTL  Fortnight 
Pupils create stories and presents them. This activity helps the pupils to speak in Tamil language confidently and also work as a team. 

Speech and Drama 
Pupils expressing themselves through different characters which help them in their  speaking presentation skills . 
National Animated  Video Tamil Competition
Primary 4  pupils took part in National Animated Video competition.  Our school was selected as one of the finalist. We received the 4th prize. The participants were Akalya from 4 Joy, Benroy from 4 Hope and Dareny from 4 Joy.

tl video.JPG