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Programme for Active Learning (PAL)


PAL is a platform for Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils to acquire social and emotional competencies and inculcate good values. It provides a broad exposure of experiences to our pupils in the 4 domains: Sports & Games, Outdoor Education, Performing Arts and Visual Arts. It also offers a balance between the academic and non-academic areas in the school, and facilitates holistic and well-rounded development. Emphasis is placed on hands-on experiences, having fun and enjoyment in the learning and ongoing opportunities for peer interaction and self-discovery.




PAL Modules

Primary 1

Visual Arts – Arts

Performing Arts – Music

Sports & Games

Primary 2

Performing Arts – Dance

Performing Arts – Drama

Outdoor Education

PAL in North View Primary is conducted entirely by our teachers. The modules are also designed in-house by our own teachers. Here are a few snapshots of the pupils having fun during PAL!

visual arts.jpg

 Visual Arts 
“Curious about the world around us through texture printing.”


Sports and Games

“Learning to work together and finding ways to keep everyone within a confined space.”

Performing Arts
“Trusting my friends as I move in the world of darkness.”
Outdoor Education
“It was not easy to draw a map but we could do it together as a team.”