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Pupil Leadership

In line with our school’s mission of developing all children to their fullest potential, we believe all pupils have the potential to be developed as leaders and should be given the opportunity to do so. The school has thus put in place a structured leadership programme to develop confident and self-directed individuals with a servant leader disposition. All pupils undergo a school-based personal leadership programme in their 6 years with our school. Skills-based development programmes are further mounted for different segments of student leaders to equip them for their functional roles and leadership.   

Our Approach

Our leadership framework has 4 levels of leadership dimensions: 

 leadership framework.png

Level 1: Whole School Pupil Population

All pupils undergo our school-based leadership development programme, Primary Colours of A Leader. It aims to develop 4 key personal leadership attributes in our pupils i.e., character, perspective, courage and favour. 

Level 2: Class Leaders

Class leaders are appointed to take on role-specific leadership. These include class monitors, cyber leaders, environmentalists, librarians, subject leaders or group leaders. They undergo trainings to equip them with the necessary skills to carry out their roles and responsibilities. We ensure pupils are given ample opportunities to be developed as class leaders by ensuring such appointments are on a rotational basis (i.e., every semester). 

Level 3: CCA leaders and Prefects

CCA leaders and prefects are pupils who have displayed greater leadership potential among their peers. They are provided with various platforms to hone their leadership skills through their contributions to their respective CCAs and/or to the school community. They also take on more active roles as school ambassadors during events such as K2 Visit, Open House, P1 Orientation, First Day @ School, etc.

Level 4: Executive Committee Prefects

This committee comprises selected students following interviews with the school leaders and feedback from teachers. Pupils in the Prefects EXCO exhibit exemplary character and attitude. These pupils lead and guide the student leadership body in the management of the school community. In addition, they are the representatives of the students’ voice through the administration of the Innovation Board corner.  

Friends of Singa Award 2018

Student Leaders took part in the Friend of Singa Project.

singa award 1.jpg

singa award 2.jpg

Committee Members 
Mr Joshua Kum (AYH)
Ms Darleana Daut 
Ms Karlpana G Selvaraj 
Ms Tan Yi Xiu