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Student Leadership

Student Leadership Committee 
‘Lead Self, Lead Others’
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Aligned to the school’s vision of Passionate Learners, Caring Leaders, the Student Leadership Development focuses on providing training for all students with the basic leadership skills and school values.


Our Approach

The Student Development Structure adopts ‘Lead Self, Lead Others’ Approach.  We believe that leadership can be nurtured and every student can be a leader. Every student will be equipped with basic leadership skills to lead oneself first before he/she can lead others.

SL Committee Members



Mdm Krishnaveni

SL Advisor


Ms Karen Lim

SL Coordinator /

P6 SL Teacher-in-Charge


Mr Zulkiflie

EXCO Prefects Teacher-in-Charge


Ms Chew Ching Wen

P5 SL Teacher-in-Charge


Mdm Aisyah             

P4 SL Teacher-in-Charge


Mrs Sharon Poh

P3 SL Teacher-in-Charge


Ms Sylvia Tan

P2 SL Teacher-in-Charge


4 Levels of Leadership Dimensions

Level 1: Class Leaders

At this level, all students will undergo a whole-school leadership programme. The programme leverages on FTGP to teach SEL competencies. SEL Competencies such as self-awareness, self-management (Lead Self), social awareness, relationship management (Lead Others) and responsible decision-making will be taught explicitly to students to equip them with skills to lead self. The table below maps out the SEL Competencies to be taught to students.

Student Leadership Development

SEL Competencies

Lead Self



       Responsible Decision Making

Lead Others

       Social Awareness

       Relationship Management

Class appointments are
rotated every term to ensure students are given opportunities to be developed as class leaders. Every student will be given at least 1 leadership appointment in a year and the form teachers will record his / her appointment in the Classroom Committee Chart.   

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Level 2: AVA Leaders / Active Leaders / CCA Leaders / Cyber Wellness Leaders / Junior Prefects /

               Peer Support Leaders

Potential student leaders are appointed to take on role-specific leadership to lead self and others beyond class. These include AVA Leaders, Active Leaders, CCA Leaders, Cyber Wellness Leaders, Junior Prefects and Peer Support Leaders. They undergo trainings planned by respective Departments / Committees to equip themselves with the necessary skills to carry out their roles and responsibilities. 


Departments / Committees

Leadership roles

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) Department

·       P4 to P6 CCA Leaders

Physical Education (PE) Department

·       P5 Active Leaders

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Committee

·       P3 to P6 AVA Leaders

·       P3 to P6 Cyber Wellness Leaders

Student Development Team (SDT) Committee

·       P4 to P6 Peer Support Leaders

Student Leadership (SL) Committee

·       P2 Junior Prefects

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Level 3: Prefects

Prefects are students who have displayed greater leadership potential among their peers. They are provided with various platforms to hone their leadership skills through serving the school community in events such as First Week @School, Open House, Primary 1 Administration / Orientation Day, Teachers’ Day Celebration and Prize Giving Day etc. Selected prefects also have the opportunities to participate in the annual Friend of Singa (FOS) Project organised by the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM).

Level 4: Executive Committee (EXCO) Prefects

The EXCO Prefects exhibit exemplary character and leadership qualities. Teachers, students and school leaders play a part in deciding this team of EXCO Prefects. Their key role is to lead and guide the student leadership body in the management of the school community.

2019 / 2020 EXCO Prefects

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2020 /2021 EXCO Prefects

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