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Useful Information

Curriculum Hours for 2019



 Monday to Thursday7.45 am - 1.30 pm 
  Friday7.45 am - 1.15 pm 

Students are encouraged to arrive in school by 7.20 am for silent reading at the hall. Morning assembly and flag raising ceremony will start promptly at 7.30 am every morning.



1st Recess (P1 and P4)

9.15am – 9.45am

2nd Recess (P2 and P3)

9.45am – 10.15am

3rd Recess (P5 and P6)

10.15am – 10.45am

* A daily snack break of 10-15 minutes will be given to the pupils. This will take place between 11.45am – 12.15pm. They are encouraged to bring healthy snacks for their snack break (e.g., a sandwich).

Schedule for CCA / enrichment / remedial lessons for 2019

Coming soon...

Flag-raising Ceremony and Punctuality

Flag raising ceremony will start at 7.30 a.m. Therefore, all students are to be in school by 7.25 a.m. Students will be deemed late for school if they arrive at the school after 7.30 a.m.

Co-curricular Programmes

·   Programme for Active Leaning (PAL) for Primary 1 and 2  is conducted within curriculum time.

·   Co-curricular Activities (CCA) for Primary 3 to 6 will be conducted outside curriculum time on Mondays. Respective teachers will give details of the CCA sessions to parents/guardians of students involved.

·   Selected students may also stay back after school for remedial/enrichment lessons. Respective teachers will give details of the programmes to parents/guardians of students involved.

Sending Children to School

Parents who send their children to school by motor vehicles, may drive into the school and let your children alight at the drop-off bay in front of the school lobby.

Leaving School Early

If a student needs to leave school before the end of a school day because the student is unwell / for other valid reasons, parents/guardians must fill in a ‘Request for Student Early Dismissal’ Form at the General Office. Parents/guardians must present the form at the Security Post before the student can leave the school.

Visits to the School

For the safety of the students, parents/guadians who visit the school must register their visits at the Security Post before entering the school. A Visitor’s Pass will be issued to the parent/guardian and the parent/guardian will then proceed to the General Office for assistance.


The school carpark has limited lots and they are meant for school staff only. Parents/guardians visiting the school are requested to park their vehicles at the HDB carpark located beside the school.