Chess Club


  • Have a love and passion for Chess
  • Develop sportsmanship
  • Inculcate school values, teamwork and discipline    

Key Highlights 

During Chess Club CCA, the chess instructor teaches the pupils tactics/ strategies pertaining to chess openings, end-game strategies, attacking or defending tactics and many other skills that can be used during chess matches. Pupils solve chess puzzles which test their understanding on the use of these tactics/ strategies. Pupils also use computers to train techniques and play against players from all over the world. They also learn from each other by playing friendly timed matches. The chess club members are given the opportunity to compete against other pupils in national chess competitions.

Chess Club.png
Chess club members with their trophies from the Youth Day Chess Tournament on 24th July 2016.

Chess Club2.png

Friendly match against each other

Learning chess techniques.png

Learning chess techniques online


Ms Aisyah  

Ms Chua Pey Wen