Chinese Dance

To inculcate in students a love and appreciation for Chinese dance during their school years. 

A CCA whose members achieve their latent potential in the respective domains, are passionate about Chinese Dance, respect others and help their team mates to grow. At the end of their 6 year of education in our school, Chinese dance members are confident dancers equipped with leadership qualities.   

Key Highlights 
Students have opportunities to showcase their skills in Chinese Dance through performances in various school / external events. Once every two years, Chinese Dance members will participate in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (Chinese Dance Category) alongside with other Chinese Dance groups from over a hundred primary schools. Our members will always put in a lot of time and effort and work extremely hard to perfect the dance choreography. This led to our school’s Chinese Dance achieving a Certificate of Distinction for 4 consecutive SYF Arts Presentation. 

SYF Performance (2016).png

SYF Performance (2016) at University Cultural Centre 

SYF Outreach Performance.png

We were selected to perform at the SYF Outreach Performance, Esplanade Outdoor Theatre (2016).

 Values-in-Action Performance.png
Our Values-in-Action Performance at Christalite Methodist Home (2017) 


Miss Ng Mui Hiok – OIC
Mdm See Bee Pang

Mdm Peng Ming Ming