• Instil a love and passion for choral singing
  • Nurture confident performers in Choir
  • Equip pupils with knowledge and skills for vocal singing 
  • Inculcate school values, teamwork and confidence through meaningful singing experience 

Key Highlights
Our Choir members are given opportunities to perform at school events, Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentations and external platforms. Members develop their leadership skills and confidence through various activities like CCA Fair and guiding the junior members during practice sessions.

As our Choir members want to make beautiful music, they work hard together during practice sessions to blend their voices and to persevere even when faced with difficulties. Through these experiences, they learn the importance of teamwork and resilience.

Choir members after their SYF performance in 2016 


Choir members during practice session

Practising the Cup Song .png

Practising the Cup Song during CCA Fair 2016


Miss Chermaine Png – OIC
Mdm Zheng Xinfang
Mdm Roslinda