Creative Hands

Creative Hands provides a platform for pupils to unleash their creativity and build confidence in our fellow members to be a versatile artist. We engage our students with unique projects and challenge them to explore different art mediums (e.g., 2D, 3D structures, and using mediums such as paint, ink). We also challenge ourselves to use everyday materials in our artwork.  

Our CCA develop students in the following ways:
  • Build character, team spirit and responsibility
  • Inculcate a sense of belonging to the CCA and to the school
  • Provide opportunities for leadership experience and develop leadership potential
  • Nurture art knowledge, skills and attitudes    

Key Highlights
Singapore Youth Festival Singapore Youth Festival or also known as SYF, is a biennial event for schools to participate in. In our CCA, every pupils are given opportunities to be part of the project. Members that shows exceptional talent will work on the final project submitted for SYF.

Meaningful brainstorming session before the start of a new project
Meaningful brainstorming session.png
Pupil in deep concentration, trying to get every strip of bandage casted onto her partner’s hand. SYF project 2017
SYF project 2017.png
 interactive project.png
Our pupils feeling satisfied after a successful interactive project in the library
hand casting project.pngTeacher demoing the steps to our hand casting project

School exhibitions and live stations
Our pupils are exposed to many different projects that add vibrancy to the school’s tone of environment. For example, we held an exhibition entitled “Creativi-TEA party” in the canteen. Selected members were given the opportunity to run a live station whereby pupils could design their own paper-mache cake with markers during their respective recesses.

Mdm Wendy Yeo
Mdm Chan Bi Hui