In NVPS Floorball, we hope to instil qualities such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and determination to achieve one’s fullest potential. Through the sport, we also aim to develop a strong sense of camaraderie, friendship, and humility. Our players are always willing to strive for excellence, devoting time and energy to achieve their goals.  

Our Floorball players are very well aware that being student athletes, their roles and responsibilities as students come first and athletes second. Our boys understand clearly that they must be at their best, or at least try to be, in their conduct, both on court or in class.  

We believe that passion and discipline are ladders to success. Passion drives learning and pushes one to better oneself. Discipline ensures that one stays on the right path towards excellence, it keeps us moving forward when the going gets tough. Together, they will bring success in one’s life.  

Teamwork, Dedication, Friendship and Respect are the guiding values that North View Floorball Players adhere to.

Key Highlights
  • Floorball Players are grouped into Junior Boys (P3 to P5) and Senior Boys (P6)
  • Every year, a Junior Boys Team and a Senior Boys team will represent NVPS to compete in the Singapore Floorball Nationals Schools Games ran by the Singapore Primary School Sports Council.
  • The boys have achieved some good results with our highest ranking being 3rd Position at the National Level in 2016 (Senior Boys Team).
  • We believe very strongly in the development of our student leaders. Potential leaders are given opportunities to develop their leadership skills, working with the team, to fulfil the full potential of the NVPS Floorball.


Mr Ismail
Mr Franklin