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Girls’ Brigade (83rd Company)

Girls’ Brigade is a Uniformed Group Organisation. We believe in nurturing every girl to be a leader and instilling the passion for Girls’ Brigade in every girl. We also aim to inculcate School Values, Teamwork and Discipline in every girl through Girls’ Brigade Programmes. 
The theme for this year is Teamwork.  

During the GB STAR Programme, various activities are carried out to ensure the girls have opportunity to obtain the 6 badges each year; and the Star Award if all are obtained for that year. Girls who do well by Primary 6 are recommended for the Junior Brigader Badge (JBB) award which is the highest honour in the GB Primary Section.

Objectives of Badgework (GB Star Badge)
ď‚© Girls' Brigade Badge: To help girls in learning Values through Storytelling.
ď‚© My Journey Badge: To allow girls to Explore the World they live in. 
ď‚© My Service Badge: To encourage girls to Cultivate a Heart of Service/to be of Service to others
ď‚© My Treasure Badge: To guide girls in Discovering and Appreciating their Talents and Abilities 
ď‚© My Activity Badge: To motivate girls to learn and enjoy Physical Activities
ď‚© My Responsibility – To develop a sense of responsibility in every girl through  Completion of            assigned tasks.



2018 Achievements
4 Junior Brigader Brooch Award (JBB) Awardees
o Eleena Lim (6 Joy)
o Kate Lovelace (6 Joy)
o Kathryn Teng (6 Hope)
o Emelia Low (6 Integrity)

JBB Awardee-Kate Lovelace is 1 of the 12 girls in Singapore who was invited to interact with President Halimah.
Selected students completed the Junior Leadership Training (JLTC) Camp.

Attained Best New Comer Award and Silver Award for the National Creative Drill Competition.

Recipients of Best Girl & Outstanding Girl during Enrolment Service
o Best Girl: Kate Lovelace (6 Joy)
o Outstanding Girl: Chloe Goh (6 Hope)

The 83rd Singapore Company Girls’ Brigade has experienced another fun and meaningful year!

Junior Brigader Brooch (JBB) Awardee’s interaction with President Halimah

On 27 January 2018, 12 Girls’ Brigade members from various Primary Schools in Singapore were invited to Girls’ Brigade Headquarter to interact with President Halimah. Kate Lovelace Layba Agpaoa, who is also 1 of the Junior Brigadier Brooch Award (JBB) Awardees, was selected for this prestigious event as she presented herself confidently during the JBB interview.

gb members.jpg
GB members from various Primary Schools in Singapore
(Kate: 4th girl from the left)

Mdm halimah.jpg
President Halimah, GB Officers & GB members

kate.jpgKate confidently shared her Experience and Thoughts of GB with President Halimah

great job kate.jpgGreat job, Kate!

Testimonials (Student/Parent)

“During these few years in GB, Emelia has become more independent and self-disciplined. She learnt that there are many other people who need help in this world. She thinks it is important for her to demonstrate empathy and find out the ways to help those in need. Initially, Emelia was reluctant to join GB but she gradually shows enthusiasm and passion in it. Many thanks to GB teachers and officers for the guidance and help given to Emelia all these while; all of you have indeed helped her to become a better person who upholds Values.”
                                                      Low Ya Xuan, Emelia
Primary 6 Integrity (2018)
“When I first joined GB in P3, I was a timid and shy girl. I was always nervous to speak up. But now, after being  groomed by my GB teachers and officers, I have become more responsible and independent. My confidence grew as well. I am able to project my voice and lead my fellow juniors. Through GB, I learnt more about how less fortunate people live in certain conditions, thus I learnt to be more grateful for what I have. I have always been eager to participate in the events and activities in GB. My communication improved as I had the chance to speak and socialise with the LENS and the public. Through my journey in GB, my parents have been very supportive in my CCA and would always be around to provide me with the encouragement to do well in GB and studies. I am pleased for how I have grown over these past few years in GB. I am glad that I chose GB as my CCA.”
Kate Lovelace
Primary 6 Joy (2018)
parents gb.jpg
“Our daughter, Kate, was very keen at joining the Girl's Brigade. At first, we were worried that GB may not be suitable for her due to strenuous activities and camps. As her parents, we do not want our daughter to be away from us at her young age even for a few days, we knew that it will not be easy for her to take care of herself and do things without our help and guidance. However, despite our continuous discouragement, Kate continuously and diligently proves to us that she can achieve something from this CCA. She is always very excited and looks forward to all the activities coming her way. Every time she comes home from camps or activities, she would eagerly share with us her experiences and learnings after attending those activities. As time goes by, our worries were gone and our trust on her capabilities grew as well. We came to realise that our daughter has achieved so much in joining GB, she has become a very responsible and reliable person. She has changed from a quiet and timd girl to an outspoken and confident girl. Her confidence grew and she conquered her fears of delivering speeches in front of a crowd. All these will not be possible without the support of her GB teachers and officers. They have been very supportive and dedicated in imparting their knowledge and having the perseverance to train the GB girls to become good leaders and responsible girls as well.”
       Parents of Kate Lovelace (2018)

Ms Karen Lim: 1st Overall Teacher-in-Charge
Ms Chew Chingwen: 2nd Overall Teacher-in-Charge