International Dance


Dance independently with confidence and poise
Learn the knowledge, skills and attitude of Dance and put these into action by creating their own dance choreography  

Key Highlights
During weekly practices, pupils are given the opportunity to embrace their strengths and to ignite their creativity. At the end of every session, pupils are given a time period to choreograph their own freestyle routine in which they incorporate skills and previous routines that they have learnt in their repertoire. In relation to the SEL competencies, this develops the pupils’ confidence and helps strengthen their self-efficacy as well.

Weekly Training Session.png Freestyle choreography.png

Weekly Training Session. Freestyle choreography and small group training.

International Dance has been a shining beacon in NVPS for several years and have showcased the talents of our students at various platforms. During the recent Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation, International Dance received a Distinction award. In addition, International Dance has also participated in external competitions such as Danceworks. This year, the pupils are looking forward to gracing the event once again.

Singapore Youth Festival.png
2016 SYF – Distinction .png

2016 SYF – Distinction 
Miss Nor Shahila - OIC
Mrs Sreelatha Prasad – 2IC