• Develop creative and innovative Robocubs who can construct and program robots.
  • Mould Robocubs into passionate learners with problem-solving, research and trouble shooting skills
  • Groom Robocubs into confident leaders who can effectively lead, communicate and work collaboratively with team mates and display sportsmanship

Key Highlights
During the three year stint in Robotics, Robocubs will undergo a series of trainings and programmes that mould them into confident problem solvers who are able to research, construct and programme robots to solve given missions successfully.  

Competitions lined up in 2017

  • First Lego League Competition (FLL): 
In the 2017 FLL Challenge, more than 28,000 teams of students aged 9 to 14 took part in the ANIMAL ALLIES competition where they competed in a 2 part challenge. The first part consists of a research project and a presentation based on the theme for the season whilst the second part consists of a robot game which requires students to build a robot using LEGO parts to complete missions on a challenge mat which is also based on the theme for the year.  
Our North View Robocubs Team 2 won 1st Runner-up for the Champion’s Award while Team 3 won 2nd Runner-up for the Robot Performance Award.

  • Asia Pacific Youth Robotics Competition (APYRC): In June
  • National Junior Robotics Competition (NJRC): In 2nd Semester.

P5 Robocub .png

Our P5 Robocub showing the others how the robots complete the mission

1st Runner up.png

2nd Runner up.png

Our Team 2: 1st Runner up for Champion’s Award at FLL 2017 
Our Team 3: 2nd Runner up for Robot Design at FLL 2017


Miss Ruth Ng Ying Hui

Ms Chong Lei

Mdm Nazreen