Science Club

  •     Instill a love and passion for Science
  •     Be role models to carry out initiatives to appreciate and protect our environment
  •     Nurture confident speakers during presentations
  •     Inculcate school values, teamwork and discipline

Key Highlights
Our Science club students are given opportunities to take part in the Elementz Competition which is usually held in the month of July yearly.  This competition ignites pupils’ critical thinking skills. They have to identify relevant day-to-day issues and design suitable experiments to investigate. They also learn identify the objective of the experiment, rationale, hypothesis, materials, procedure, results, analysis of their results and finally concluding from their results.   


We also carry out interesting experiments weekly during CCA sessions where we learn many interesting facts and see how Science is around us in our daily lives. 

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CCA sessions activities

15th Science Elementz project Competition 2016.png

14th Science Elementz Project Competition 2015 – 1 Silver award and 2 Bronze awards


15th Science Elementz project Competition 2016

1 Silver award, 1 Bronze award and 1 commendation award


Ms Sylvia Tan

Miss Grace Li

Mrs Sharon Poi