Cyber Wellness

Cyber Wellness refers to the positive well-being of internet users. It involves an understanding of the dangers of harmful online behaviors, an awareness of how to protect yourself and other internet  users from such dangers.

Cyber Wellness Pledge

A Cyber Wellness Week was organised from 18 to 24 May 2018 to promote mass awareness of cyber wellness through multiple learning activities in a carnival setting during recess. One of the theme was “Media multitasking”. The students discovered that they lost efficiency when doing work on the Internet if they were unable to concentrate on one thing at a time through a game which required them to juggle between two activities. 

The pupils had a wonderful time learning about the different aspects of Cyber Wellness through fun quizzes and games.  They also played the C-Quest app game using the i-pads

spelling.jpgRace to Finish Spelling: Participants discover the limitations and effects of media multitasking

mix and match.jpgMix & Match: Participants gain awareness of the dangers of revealing personal information online.
telepathy.jpgTelepathy: Participants learn how a message can be interpreted differently by different audience and the impact of expressing carelessly on the Internet

Pupils solving Jigsaw puzzles and read the correct Cyber Wellness message

Pupils playing the C-Quest app

Our Cyber Wellness leaders manning the game booths

Pupils gets to spin the wheel after completing the game booths

Pupils finding the answers for the Quiz

Pupils coloring the quiz worksheets