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Pupil Management

Management of Pupil Behaviour in North View Primary School

A school is a place for learning to take place and for pupils to grow.  If pupils are tardy in their work or disruptive in class, they will not be able to learn effectively. ‘Behaviour’ and ‘Learning’ need to work hand-in-hand and together, they help nurture our pupils’ growth. As such, the goal of our school’s Pupil Management Team is to promote positive pupil behaviour so that our pupils will have self-discipline. 

The school takes a nurturing stand towards discipline.  Each level will have a teacher appointed as a Discipline Representative; the Discipline Representatives are from the Pupil Management Team. Form teachers, Co-form teachers and subject teachers work closely with the respective Discipline Representatives.

Any pupil who misbehaves will be counselled and guided to reflect on their misbehaviour and consider alternative acceptable behaviour. We have classified offences in two categories, “Minor” and “Serious”. Other than doing self-reflection, we also want our pupils to be responsible for their misbehaviours therefore we mete out consequences to them when they misbehave.

Please refer to the following consequences that would be meted out to the pupils when they misbehave:


Minor Misbehaviours


·         Failure to report to school on time

·         Verbal Warning

·         Reflection Log (A self-reflection approach)

·         Notifying Parents

·         Behaviour Contract

·         Detention

·         Other appropriate actions deemed necessary by the Pupil Management Team

·         Improper Grooming and attire

·         Misbehaviour during lessons

·         Failure to submit assigned work on time

·         Rude, showing disrespect to teachers

·         Littering

·         Bringing sweetened drinks to classrooms

·         Using hand phone in classrooms


Serious Misbehaviours



·         Disruptive behaviour in class

·         Parent-Teacher/Parent-School Leader Meeting

·         Reflection Log

·         Behaviour Contract

·         Detention Class (monitored by Pupil Management Team)

·         Restitution Actions such as reimbursement for damaged, stolen or loss items.

·         Corrective Work within school premises

·         Suspension from Lessons

·         Other appropriate actions deemed necessary by the Pupil Management Team

·         Truancy (Not in school without permission)

·         Bullying (Physical, Cyber)

·         Open defiance

·         Dishonesty (Lying, cheating in tests/exams, forging parents’ signatures)

·         Vandalism (Destroying school property)

·         Theft/Shoplifting

·         Fighting/Assault

·         Abuse of substances (e.g. Smoking)

·         Gambling/Extortion or Extortion like activities (E.g. Trading of game cards, selling home-made items to peers)

·         Possession of undesirable items (E.g. Sharp comb, butterfly knife, cigarettes, lighter)

·         Tarnishing school’s image or reputation (E.g. posting derogatory, slanderous remarks about the school, staff, and/or pupils on the internet via any forms of social platforms; using distributed images/sound recordings/video recordings without permission)

Important Notes

  •  Minor Misbehaviour would be deemed as a Serious Misbehaviour when a pupil misbehaves frequently and recalcitrantly.
  • If a pupil misbehaves frequently / recalcitrantly or when the misbehaviour is classified as ‘serious’, his/her Conduct Grade will be affected. This might affect their selection criteria for awards. For e.g., if a pupil is consistently late for school despite counselling and repeated warnings, his/her Conduct Grade will be affected.

The Pupil Management Team believes that enforcing good discipline is part of the responsibility in nurturing the pupils to have good character and become good citizens. However the success of nurturing in our pupils good behaviour depends on the understanding and co-operation the school receives from our stakeholders (pupils’ parents or guardians). We hope to form a great and long term partnership with parents and guardians to educate our pupils.

Members in the Pupil Management Team and Discipline Level Representatives

In charge: Mr Xie Jialun / Subject Head for Pupil Management (Internal)

P1: Ms Grace Li Yi Fei

P2: Miss Qiao Qi Ying

P3: Mr Nurshahin Sarry

P4: Mdm Lyanna Ng

P5: Mr Xie Jialun

P6: Mr Or Boon Chun