About the Department


Every Northviewan to be passionate about Science


To instill a sense of curiosity in Northviewans and to equip them with scientific skills through student-centred activities



Students learning about Science concepts from an eco-trail in our school’s garden



    Key Information


Links for parents:

Science syllabus

Online Educational Resources

1. Focused Remediation:

·         Remediation focus on pupils based on identified weak areas.


2. Learning Journey / Science Workshop

·         It is aligned to topics learnt in Primary Science


3. Mind mapping

·         It is a diagram used to visually represent or outline information. It is a powerful graphic technique pupils can use to translate what’s in their mind into a visual picture. Since mind mapping works like the brain does it allows the pupils to organize and understand information faster and better.


4. Process Skills

·         Observing, Comparing, Classifying, Communicating (pictorial, graphs), Inferring and etc


5. Inquiry-based / Investigative Learning

·         Inquiry-based/Investigative Learning lessons with differentiated content/ process/ product to cater to different abilities (selected terms)


6. Answering Techniques


Department Members

Mr Toh Ghim Yeow, Kenny (LH / Science (Internal) covering HOD)
Mdm Jasmine Yeo (ST / Science)
Ms Darleana Bte Daut
Mdm Nazreen Parveen
Mr Teo Guan Te
Mr Or Boon Chun
Ms Jasavelle Ting 
Miss Poi Mei Ping Sharon
Mdm Sumi (Laboratory Assistant)